Parenting joy

One of my original intentions in authoring a blog was to talk about the joys of parenthood, because in so many ways, the dialogue about parenting is a story of deprivation and butting heads and enduring (like labor!) and it’s not really like that every day.  And I find myself writing about what I struggle with and I don’t struggle with loving my son and (until recently) didn’t struggle with parenting him.   So I forgot to tell you how much fun I’m having.

My father-in-law passed away recently and we had to travel far away to go to the funeral.  Mike doesn’t do grief like most folks do, so he had us literally turn around and leave town the day after the funeral for another whole day in the car.  It was a particularly bad day in the car as well.  I got a migraine and couldn’t drive most of the way and I just felt miserable.  I still felt bad when we made it home and resolved to spend the evening lying on the couch, figuring Liam would just watch TV and play with his toys and come talk to me occasionally.  Well, Mike gave him his smart phone and cued up his favorite game and Liam came over to the couch and was trying to get up on the couch with me.  I helped him up and he laid on the couch beside me, snuggled up under the blanket and watched “The Fairly Oddparents” with me the rest of the evening.  It was so sweet!

Also, he’s beginning to want to share his food with me.  I guess it relates to my trying to get him to eat more things by sharing whatever I have, I don’t know.  He’s a normal two-year-old in that sharing is not normally something he wants to do.  So he laid next to me on the couch and eventually got his bottle and drank that next to me too.  Next thing I know, he’s trying to feed me his bottle!  I explained to him that I appreciate him sharing, but mommies don’t drink bottles.  Anyway, I guess nights like that are why we had kids in the first place, right?

Tell me about a sweet moment with your child or children!


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