Grateful For My Husband

I am grateful for my husband, Mike.  I literally cannot imagine sharing my life with anyone else.  It seems like it would have been a bad idea.  We met in high school.  He’s a Trek nerd like me.  And then we went on to fall in love with anime, and with cooking and eating decadent foods.  We joined the church together, we got baptized together.  We gain weight together, we lose weight together.  After a while, we decided to become parents together.

Whenever I have something going on in my life and I don’t know what to make of it, he’s there to listen to me and help me to see it with absolute clarity.  He just has the gift of truth-o-vision.  When I’m having trouble with my family, he can always help me to see what’s going on under the surface.  And he supports me in all the decisions I make, and supports me again and again when others say things that lead me to doubt my own judgement.

When one of our cars or appliances breaks down, he’s right there, troubleshooting it, deciding if it’s something he can fix himself or not.  Most of the time he can, and he does, without complaining.

He has a great eye for colors and for design.  He also has the discipline to keep to a theme and not clutter everything up.  If you ever see the inside of our home, you must understand that the only reason it looks put-together is because Mike put it together.  And it does look fabulous (when it’s clean).  He has an excellent sense for visual design.

He’s the one who introduced me to Spongebob and the Fairly Oddparents.  No, we don’t mind watching cartoons all day.  It’s what we often did before Liam.  But, as much as he dislikes little-kid programming, he will let Liam watch Kipper or the Fresh Beat Band even though he’s been on his feet at work all day and would rather play Red Dead Redemption.

He taught me a lot about parenting, and about being sympathetic to other people’s feelings even when you really wish they would be feeling something else right about now.  The lessons we want our son to learn are very similar, but whatever I’m forgetting about because I’m focusing on something else, he remembers to teach it, and kindly.

He’s one of the very most honest and responsible people I’ve ever met.  He does this while maintaining a spirit of kindness and generosity that is hard for me to match even when I’m really trying.  I will never wonder where he really is when he works late at night.  I never need to ask who he’s talking to or texting on the phone.  I believe he has the courage to face really tough consequences rather than compromise his values.

A favorite pic

This is the man I married, my husband, my other half.  We’ve been married ten years and I hope to have many, many more.


Tell me why you’re grateful for your own spouse/significant other?




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